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We want your opinion about digital streaming devices (and your options on them)!

February 5, 2019 - 6:33 pm   |   by
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Good afternoon, Bits readers. We’re doing a little bit of research today and we want to hear from you.

We get emails and messages almost every day from readers and consumers who are frustrated about this issue or that regarding digital media, whether on disc or streaming/download.

Lately, we’ve been hearing from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray consumers who wish the studios were being more aggressive with deeper catalog releases on the format, and from digital consumers frustrated by the so-called “walled garden” nature of the many different streaming services available and the exclusive content found on each.

For example, I access streaming and digital content via Roku – my set-top device is the last model of Oppo 4K disc player and it doesn’t have streaming options. So I run a Roku Ultra through it in my home theater. But the Roku doesn’t have access to iTunes/Apple TV content, which means I can’t watch any of the 4K content exclusive to that service (Star Trek II, the Bond films, etc). That’s frustrating as hell. [Read on here...]

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Most recently, we’ve especially been hearing from international streaming consumers in Europe, Australia, and elsewhere, who are concerned about losing access to their VUDU libraries because they lack a streaming service that they can link their libraries to.

With all of this in mind, we wanted to do a little research with your help. The Digital Bits is one of the oldest websites on the Internet dedicated to home media and we’ve got a tremendous base of readers and followers. You guys are among the most avid consumers of media content anywhere in the world… and you’re everywhere in the world.

So here’s our question for today: What set-top device do you use to access your favorite streaming content? And most importantly are there any services you can’t access on that device (if so, which ones)? We want to hear from both US and international readers (and if you’re outside the US, please tell us where you are).

Please let us know what you think over the next few days by replying with your thoughts to either this post on Twitter (via @BillHuntBits) or this post on Facebook. Feel free to follow us either place if you like, because we’ll definitely be asking more questions like this in the future. Social media can be endlessly frustrating, but we may as well harness it for a little good. And we can think of nothing more important than hearing what you guys think about these issues.

Thanks in advance for your input! The results will definitely be the subject of a new My Two Cents column here at The Bits in the days ahead.

Stay tuned…

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