Wednesday, 04 December 2019 15:39

Star Wars: A New Hope – A Visual Guide to Changes, Fixes, and Tweaks in the Disney+ 4K Version

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Our old friend Drew Stewart—who is a longtime Digital Bits reader—is the webmaster for Star Wars Revisited and also curates the Star Wars Visual Comparisons blog.

He’s been working diligently to create a kind of visual guide to all the changes found in the new Disney+ 4K version of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Drew’s created a set of comparison images showing all of these updates and alterations—nearly 40 of them in all—and he’s kindly allowed us to compile them here in a 7-page gallery on The Digital Bits for all of you to see.

We definitely think that Star Wars fans will find this gallery both interesting and useful, not just to compare the new Disney+ 4K version to past Blu-ray and DVD releases, but also as a baseline in the event that further changes appear in the future. [Read on here...]

With all of this in mind, here’s a look at the differences that Drew has spotted thus far...

Fox Logo

A new Fox logo without the “News Corp” banner was created.


Lucasfilm Logo

The Disney-era LFL logo has replaced the 1990s-00s one (even though its timing doesn’t really work with the Fanfare).


Alt Preface

The preface was recreated in 1997, replaced with the Attack of the Clones preface in 2004, and now is back to the 1997 recreation.


Escape Pod

This shot was recomposited in 2004 and again for the 4K.


Sky Replacement

The sky and sand were replaced in 2004, and now the original sand is back and the sky is changed again.


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