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Monday, 26 February 2024 13:35

Is Anyone in the Market for a New JVC 4K Projector for Your Home Theater?

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Hey guys, this is Bill. I’ll be back with our usual news post shortly—including my non-spoiler thoughts on Dune: Part Two—but first I wanted to pop in here with this message…

My friend John Schuermann is the owner of one of the best home theater dealers around, The Screening Room A/V in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and he’s also the person who helped me select my new JVC projector for The Digital Bits’ HQ theatre.

You might recall that John and I also did this video podcast together back in November, along with Kris Deering of Deep Dive AV and Steve Crabb from TSRAV: Is Physical Media Dead?

He’s got some great deals on B-stock JVC projectors that might interest some of you. Here’s John to explain (comments below the break)... [Read on here...]

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Hello all! We at the Screening Room A/V bought all of JVC’s current B-stock inventory of current projector models and we are now down to only FOUR (4) DLA-RS2100s (aka the NZ7) at deep discount prices. The 2100 is JVC’s entry level native 4K laser projector with the industry’s best HDR tonemapping. If you want to snag one of these before they are gone, please reach out: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These are current model B-stock JVC projectors with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY and have been fully reconditioned at JVC’s QC department in California!

DLA-RS1100 (aka the NP5) – SOLD OUT!

DLA-RS2100 (aka the NZ7) – MSRP $8999, B stock pricing $6499.95 SHIPPED with FIVE YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY! Laser guaranteed to have less than 1000 hours – ONLY FOUR REMAINING

DLA-RS3100 (aka the NZ8) – SOLD OUT!

JVC DLA 4K Projectors

Each projector comes with a one year warranty direct from JVC plus a four year transferrable* extended warranty, for a total warranty period of five years!

What is a B-stock? It’s a unit that has been returned to JVC for some reason. It could have been a demo unit used at a trade show, a return from a dealer, or a unit that has been repaired. In all cases, these units have been fully inspected and QC’d by the JVC team in Long Beach, CA and are guaranteed to perform to spec!

Want to see how the JVC projectors did in a large-scale shootout with over 40 people, manufacturer reps and three top calibrators attending?

Check it out here:


Okay, Bill here again. I just want to say again how great the people at The Screening Room A/V are in terms of knowledge, customer service, and trustworthiness. When I have a question about projection, John’s the guy I turn to. He and his team are second to none, and their annual Projector Shootouts are a fantastic event—a chance to see how several of the best and newest projector models compare in a controlled setting with reference viewing material.

Anyway, if you’re ever in need of a new projector or other home theater gear, check out Screening Room A/V website here, and tell ‘em Bill from The Digital Bits sent you. They’ll treat you right.

The Screening Room AV

Back with more soon!

Stay tuned…

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